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J. Chr. Koldkur Transport A/S became part of HJT Group in September 2021. Both Hans Jensen Transport and J. Chr. Koldkur Transport are family-owned companies with decades of experience in transport and logistics.

J. Chr. Koldkur is a GMP+ and ISO 9001-certified transport company that has been operating since 1926, building up a deep pool of experience in the field over the years. The business is famous for its dark green cabs and polished tankers – and especially for its peerless levels of service and quality.

Its niche is the transportation of liquid, semi-liquid and temperature-controlled products.

In addition to tankers and silo vehicles, the fleet also features curtain semi-trailers, thermo-trailers and tip-trailers for foodstuffs, and comprises around 50 cab units. Having teamed up with Hans Jensen Transport, the fleet thus numbers more than 100 vehicles.

J. Chr. Koldkur is based in Denmark – more specifically in Karup, Jutland. The company base is equipped with washing facilities for its own and external vehicles, as well as a warehouse hotel comprising stainless steel and insulated tanks for the storage of liquid goods.

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In total, we have more than 100 vehicles and 200 years of experience.

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