Training guide for our “pilots”.

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Training material and manuals

Training material and manuals

Targeted communication caters for different types og learning and reading difficulties

The intention behind our training guide is to simplify the training and skills development of our drivers – or “pilots” as we call them – who previously had to slog their way through pages and pages of printed material. This naturally made high demands on their reading skills and offered only a limited form of learning. The lack of flexibility complicated the learning process, because the written word is not necessarily the learning medium that everyone finds it easiest to work with.

We have now optimised and digitalised our training material, converting it into easily accessible videos where the text is read aloud by an AI (Artificial Intelligence) reader. At the same time, we have improved the content and made it easier to sign the training material to confirm that the relevant module has been completed.

There are two main reasons why we have chosen to do this. First and foremost, we discovered that an AI reader can make a significant contribution to learning. The second reason is our commitment to sustainability, which translates into clear focus on optimising and reducing the consumption of paper at Hans Jensen Transport. By digitalising our training material, we have cut consumption of paper for our training courses by 95 %.

Our “pilots” have access to our training material, manuals for driving at Dansk Salt A/S, handbooks, etc. via our intranet on Ziik, from where it is also simple to download the training material and other documents to a computer or tablet, for example.

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