We have green ambitions.

Sustainability has for a long period of time been on the agenda at the HJT Group, and we have come a long way. As one of the leading logistics and transportation companies in Scandinavia, we are at the forefront of clear environmental demands to ourselves and our business partners.

As every transport company knows, we transport goods from A to B. We know that we are a part of an industry, that globally has a large fuel consumption among other things and therefore potentially releases much CO2. Due to this, it is very important to us, to operate with the best possible environmental practices in everything we do.

We constantly work on making the delivery chain even greener than it is now. We are ISO-14001 certified (environmental standard), which means that we among other things understand the environmental effects and establish environmental aims. 

What do we do to offer greener transports?

Through a long-term work with innovation and investments in green solutions, the HJT Group puts action before words. We measure carbon footprints, and we commit ourselves to thinking greener and initiate a range of steps to be able to deliver greener transportation for you. We believe that a company managed in this way is going to attract and maintain clients.  

Our drivers save fuel by using ECO-Drive

In all our driver’s cabs, the driver is helped by ECO-Drive’s overview pictures that delivers important information of relevance for the fuel consumption and traffic safety.

The ECO-Drive both helps in lowering the fuel consumption and reducing the need for maintenance of our trucks. The technology analyses driving behavior and it helps our driver to optimize driving style and hereby reduce the fuel consumption, CO2-emissions, maintenance costs, damages, and accidents.

EU-standard and tire pressure

We always purchase fuel-saving tires with the lowest rolling resistance and trucks with engines that live up to current EU-standards.

Tires with a low rolling resistance are fuel-saving. This means, that less power is needed and hence less fuel in order to get the truck moving. Our own repair shop summons the trucks on a regular basis for a maintenance check, as we control that we drive with an optimum tire pressure.

Do you need more than just transport?

At the HJT Group, we offer combined solutions within transport and inventory management.

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