A recap of the last 90 years.

Extensive knowledge and experience have fine-tuned the company up until today.


The story begins in 1929, as Harald Henriksen founds the company. Back then, no-one could image how we were going to expand into being one of the largest family-owned transportation and logistics companies in Denmark.


The brothers Elmer and Hans Jensen buy the company of the Leth Madsen family. After a few years, Hans Jensen becomes sole proprietor, and the company changes its name to Hans Jensen Transport.


The first silo truck is acquired to salt the roads.


The vehicle fleet has expanded to 10 trucks.


The new domicile at Klostermarken in Mariager starts being used.


Hans Jensen passes the chief executive position on to his son Lars Jensen.


The vehicle fleet expands again. Silo truck number 5 is now ready to roll.


The first tank trucks are purchased.


Hans Jensen Transport receives its first certification the GMP+B4 certificate. Since then, Hans Jensen Transport has received numerous certificates.


Purchase of the tank department in 4 various carrier businesses.


The first fleet management system is purchased for all trucks.


Hans Jensen Transport A/S is ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, SQAS certified.


The fleet of cars now consists of 30 trucks.


The fleet of cars now consists of 50 trucks. 


The opening of our newly built head office at Benshøj Industrivej in Hobro. Perfect location in relation to E45 and accessibility for both our Danish and European clients.

It stays in the family

Third generation has already stepped into the company.

Hans Jensen Transport 240621 082 HJT 08705

Behind the wheels – the HJT pilots

Some refer to them as drivers – we call them pilots.

To us it is everyday speech – behind the wheels we have: HJT pilots.

We do not do this to be different, but to indicate and symbolize the responsibility we undertake behind the wheels. We conduct transportation within the areas of pharma, food, feed, and industry goods. Common to the industry are the specific rules, demands, and legislation in each specific area. A responsibility we carry when we sit behind the wheels.

Our employees

To be proud of what you do, to have a purpose on the workplace and to share the values in your company, are all legitimate employee demands. By investing in job satisfaction, our positive and highly motivated personnel is the core for a successful business.

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