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Silo and tank transport

100+ years of experience enable Hans Jensen Transport to offer customized and sustainable transports according to almost every transportation request.

As a client at Hans Jensen Transport, you become a part of a flow, in which the surveillance and delivery process is specifically aimed at your company and your needs. Due to dedicated employees and a flexible business structure, we can react quickly in accordance with individual demands, specifications, and requests.

This is highly valued in a changeable and global industry, in which our clients quite naturally demand effective, sustainable, and cost-efficient solutions. 

We possess our own fleet of tank and silo trucks, that are build and designed according to the exact purposes for which they are used. Specially trained drivers, who know their job, live up to your expectations. Our shipping agents are the brains behind every successful transportation. They are highly specialized within transport of powder and liquid goods both domestically and in foreign countries, and they are helped on their ways with the best technological fleet management on the market.

At Hans Jensen Transport, we specialize in the following areas:

  • Food.

    We create value through logistics solutions for the food industry

    A rise in consumption among consumers calls for the need of effective and sustainable transportation solutions. Consumers are to have secure food, and therefore we carry the responsibility of the food safety and hygiene, when we transport food products. Every food transport lives up to the ISO 22000 standard, which among other things means that the tanks solely are used for the transportation of food. Hans Jensen Transport has been transporting food during the last 50 years and has hence gained a large knowledge of trade within this area.

    Due to our certified cleaning and washing facilities we can vouch for the food safety. We carry out regular control of our work processes, among these the hygiene measures and self-regulation. For more info, please read the certificates related to this here on our website.

    Customized solutions for your food product

    The food sector relies on Hans Jensen Transport regarding logistics because we understand your business. A dedicated in-house team raises our service by taking the unique demands of the food product into account. We specialize in more food products such as oil, dairy products, and salt.

    Our expertise within the supply chain of food helps us offering customized transportation solutions according to your products and needs.

  • Pharma.

    Transportation for an industry with high demands

    We have a long-time experience with transport and logistics within the pharmaceutical industry. We manage pharmaceutical goods with the utmost respect and care, and we also make sure always to stay up to date with newly enacted legislation and demands within that area.

    Our equipment fully lives up to the high demands and specific standards that apply to transportation of goods for the pharmaceutical industry. This includes full traceability of the cargo by means of GPS-tracking, temperature adjustments and various security measures. Having us as a partner means, that you are offered customized transportation services, which are precisely adjusted to the demands and needs of your company.

    We always deliver door-to-door, and our drivers always scan the delivery of the goods.

  • Agriculture.

    Hans Jensen Transport A/S conducts all kinds of tank and silo transportation for farming such as for instance molasses and fat.

    With trailers divided into different sections we make sure, that we can carry more quantities in the same shipment. This results in lower transport charges, improved logistics, and a minor burden on our environment.

    Regarding agriculture, we have isolated tank trucks that are intended for minor quantities to be delivered to more farms with the same truck. In our GMP+ quality control system, these trucks are earmarked only to drive with categorized raw materials for the food industry.

  • Industry.

    Hans Jensen Transport offers reliable and efficient silo transport for the industry. We have specialized in powder deliveries with products such as sand, mortar, cement, and lime.

    The silo trucks are usually equipped with a bottom out flow. Some silos have an interior special coat dependent of the product in questions. We also have trucks with two-piece trailers to make it easier regarding loading and unloading on construction sites with little space.

Hans Jensen Transport A/S

Successful transports since 1929

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High-end fleet management

Make our lives easier and your shipments more profitable.

Every year, we carry more than 750,000 tons. This could be converted to the fact that we move the entire Danish population once every other day. It takes a world-class overview, to make transportation, sustainability principles, and the client´s needs come together.

We combine almost 100 years of experience with one of the market’s leading fleet management tools. A tool that helps us with delivery traceability, route planning, calculation of distance covered, planning of timely service, et cetera.

Handling of goods according to highest quality means:

  • to secure transports that arrive on due time
  • a guarantee for the quality of your cargo
  • sustainable transportation solutions


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