Our certificates.

At Hans Jensen Transport, we take pride in all relevant certificates. We show to ourselves and others that we take full responsibility for our work and carriage.

The certificates are a way for us to develop ourselves and our company further. We would like to work responsibly and focused, so we always stay and remain the best in our industry.

A certificate often demands an external assessment, in which a licensed company assesses and confirms, that the qualitative and legal capacities are being followed and that they are sufficient. This is afterwards certified in writing by issuing a certificate.

It is a matter of taking responsibility for us, each other, our businesses, the community, and foremost for the environment.

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Due to our will to invest in modern technology, we have always had a quick and clear overview of the drivers’ disposition time and driving time. Simultaneously, we are also able to act more effectively in case of a client’s need for an urgent delivery or unforeseen change in the timetable of the vehicles.    

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