Purchase and sale of whey.

Hans Jensen Transport
Purchase and sale of whey

Dealer of whey

From the Danish dairies to the Danish farmers all year round.

Whey is a by-product of the cheese production and is very useful as feed for pigs. Whey has lots of good qualities in relation to livestock. It contains protein, lactose, and minerals that are good for the animals. Besides that, the whey has a good pH value, which makes it easier to farmers to keep the right pH value in the pigs’ feed. 

Directly from the dairy to the farmer – without an intermediate storage.

We deliver whey all year round. The whey is transported directly from Danish dairies to Danish farmers to secure the quality and the duration of the whey and to avoid storage costs. 

Our chair of whey ensures timely collection and delivery of the whey. In this way, both the dairy and the farmer are secured a correct loading and reloading of the tanks. We offer favorable prices for both the dairies and the farmers, and we manage the logistics. 

Directly from the Danish dairy to the Danish farmers.

Full-service whey dealer

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