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Full-service storage logistics directly at the harbor in Randers.

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Storage – Surveillance – Transportation

Leave the logistics to us.

HJT tank storage is not only a storage capacity for your liquid goods because the cooperation with us is also just as much about reliable storage management and sustainable transportation. We provide service for your tank storage, supervise the content, secure optimum storage utilization and a cost-effective distribution. 

We ensure a cost-effective transport between the manufacturers and the storage along with an optimum storing of your goods.

The tank installation has an assembled rental capacity of more than 15,000 cubic meters divided between 5 tanks in the sizes of 1,500 to 4,800 cubic meters. The storage space has the perfect location for transportation by sea and the possibility of ship arrivals for up to 4,000 tons.

The goods can be distributed via tank trucks when needed. HJT tank storage pertains a geographically attractive location with good access roads in order to collect or deliver goods.

HJT tank storage – more than a storage place

We have gathered your demands, so you can release some of your time for more urgent matters.

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Our tank storage operates with Mass Monitoring

Technology that reduces your costs.

Bad planning is pricy when it comes to time, money, and the environment. With precise data, we are able to plan a timely loading or reloading of your tank and thereby avoid expensive delays, production shutdowns, and at the same time protect the environment.

At HJT Tanklager, all tanks are supervised through Mass Monitoring technology. A patented technology, which is the front-runner within the field of tank surveillance. We have valid data 24/7, that we apply when managing your storage.

We manage both storage and logistics so you can concentrate on your core activities. 

Storage – Surveillance – Transport

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